The AHRC was for many years the first and foremost tool for art historical research on the internet. It shares key resources and methods of online research so that art historians can find the resources relevant to their work.

Established April 1995   Update May 2007. Today Google is everyone's main research tool on the internet, but this specific resource is still a good place to learn what the internet has to offer art historians. My short essay "The Internet as a Reseach Medium for Art Historians", written then for novices, is still widely cited and its concepts remain relevant. The AHRC is also of interest as the earliest major effort to get fellow art historians intersted in using the internet for research, and so it has a place in art history and in internet history.

Leif Harmsen

Good luck with your research!

1995 - 2007 Please email any comments. The AHRC was orinally hosted at the Art History Server at Concordia University, Canada, and mirrored at the University of London, UK, but is now permanently retired on the server.