2001 A Space Oddysey (1968)

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It's Not Rocket Science

I could easily have made this website so anyone can post their drivel, vote for this vs. that, "like" things, and so forth; but web 2.0 faced nonsense is at best a waste of time.  When inspired to think and write, please step up to the plate and do so in complete sentences for an arts journal, newspaper, book, TV, Radio, or on your own website at your own domian like a real grown-up. 

2001 A Space Oddysey (1968) How to Connect

In order to be able to be yourself and connect directly with anyone online, you must legally own and use your own internet domain.  Your own domain is the only place on the internet where you have any ownership, control and/or responsibility.  

The very first thing anyone should do online is register a unique domain name at a reputable (not sold-out since being accredited) registrar. I can recommend Sibername which is 100% Canadian, established 2000,  is CIRA, Eurid and ICANN accredited and has not been sold since earning these accreditations.



HAL 9000, 2001



How NOT to Connect

No more sharing entire email address-books to 3rd party websites like Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace, etc. etc., and certainly not my name or email address!  We should all be wise to such insidious identity frauds by now. Any email sent via the domain of any such manipulative 3rd party is spam and will be automatically deleted.

Inasmuch as 'you' are on, you are Facebook's legal property.  There's a reason Facebook exclusively establishes itself at its own domain. Follow its good example rather than its bad advice.  Establish yourself exclusively at your own domain (ie not Facebook's) for the same reason.