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single serving art movies

Leif Harmsen, VendaVision

The concept is as simple as capitalism itself.  Insert a dollar coin to watch an independatly produced art movie (currated by me) and get an ice-cold pop absolutely free!

It's the first time in history that the artists get paid while the landlord has to survive on applause alone.  This VendaVision machine enjoys a prime location in the lobby of the arts building at 401 Richmond Street thanks to the Urban Space Property Group.

Each machine runs entirely off of a USB key with rock solid reliability using Puppy Linux and Mplayer with a few custom hacks so that it always boots on power up with the same configuration, and the "right click" serial connection (shorted by the coin mechanism) is mapped to the enter key that triggers the next movie.  I author the Vendavision movie programmes as standard DVD format folders.