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Times Square

Leif Harmsen: Obelisk





This is my sheet-metal model for a giant obelisk to dominate the centre of Times Square.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get permission to use any of the registered trademark hieroglyphs.   What's worse, not a single corporation would commit money for this natural addition to the world's most famous gallery of mass produced self-expression by corporate entities.

Undeterred, I updated my material specification from the traditional solid granite relief to a light-weight hollow programmable video billboard cladding.  The new relatively cheap, hi-tech construction is more appropriate given our disposable, energy-addicted culture.  Still no luck, nothing from the future oblivious headquarters of Toshiba, nada from the single-use minds at Bic. Steve Jobs couldn't manage to answer my call; being ahead of the very latest unsustainable trend, he had already died.  I applied for a massive "stimulus" grant to help prop up the zombie economy but for some unexplained reason billion dollar satirical art projects were not eligible. 

All I've been able to do is prove beyond any doubt that unlike Ancient Egypt, our death-wish corporate culture has no intention of leaving behind so much as a twig to anyone who survives it.   I suppose that in itself shouldn't be a problem... except maybe for the children.  Honestly.   It's unfair of us to expect any lifeless, sterile corporate entity to think about, let alone care about, children.