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Gas Station
Ave B @ 2nd St. NYC

GAS STATION was an abandoned gas station at Avenue B & 2nd Street NYC that we used as a metal workshop, bar, outdoor sculpture exhibition space, an indoor and outdoor performance space, concerts venue and billboard art location. We welded everything out of abandoned scrap metal trash, including the perimeter fence and chairs. The electricity, weirdly, was still connected and free - perfect for our electric welders.  While I worked there in 1989 I made maximallist urban landscape collages and cybernetic metal sculpture, including a car horn organ with matching chair that eventually wound up being incorporated into a bar called the "Bovine Sex Club"  in Toronto.  At the end of muggy summer days, especially after welding, I sometimes opened the fire hydrant and took a power shower right there on the side walk.

Leif Harmsen, Gas Station

A collage I made at the Gas Station of Ave B @ 2nd St., incorporating found objects and  featuring the Gas Station at centre, 1989.  Sometime around 2000 as the area was gentrified, the Lower East Side landmark was demolished to make way for a drug store and low-rise condominiums.  The work itself was bought by an insane Toronto art collector who then threatened to destroy it if I didn't do a bad deed for him.  I refused his extortion and assume he's since made good on his threat.   I still have the negatives, so could re-create something similar but it wouldn't have the authority of the original made as it was on a perfect day, then and there.